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Seasonal Bouquets Available

Seasonal Bouquets

Flowers in bloom change seasonally, and we proudly offer organically grown, in season flowers.  Currently available flowers include zinnias, dahlias, rudbeckias, cosmos, calendula,  sunflowers, and limited lilies.  We strive to provide your floral needs as you aim to shop local.  Have specific needs for a specific event? Contact us.

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Who We Are and Why

We are a family owned and operated, organic flower farm in Caroline County, Virginia, dedicated to environmentally responsible growing practices, beautiful flowers, and a healthy environment.  The majority of the flowers purchased in the U.S. come from overseas, are treated with harsh chemicals, and travel thousands of miles to reach you.  We aim to provide our community with locally grown, freshly cut flowers with extended vase life (when fed and watered properly), grown without chemical additives and in accordance with their natural growing habits. That said, we do p